Morning Time 2020-2021

Our Morning Basket has ebbed and flowed with the aging of children and addition of babies. This is still my favorite part of the day, and easily the part that I spend the most energy and time planning. Every family does Morning Time differently, but ours includes everything that we can do together as a family. We actually have two blocks of time in our Morning Time; the first round is during breakfast, then we have a break time when the boys get ready for the day and play while I clean up the kitchen and start a load of laundry. Then we have round two before lunch. I’m posting the outline for our Morning Time below. We will not do everything on this list every day; we loop through resources! Generally speaking though, our first round of Morning Time includes the Bible/prayer time, Memory Work, and read alouds. The second round of Morning Time is when we do anything that is more hands on, like Mystery Science or Calico Spanish.

Last year, we used Playful Pioneers for our whole family learning time. This year, I am using Exploring Nature With Children (noted below as ENWC) and the Early Modern History plans from Your Morning Basket (noted below as YMB).

Morning Basket 2020-2021 Edition

1 – Ritual:
2 – Recitations/Memory Work:
  • Flag Salute
  • Song Rotation: My Country Tis of Thee, National Anthem, America the Beautiful
  • Poetry (IEW Poetry Memorization)
  • Weekly hymn or folksong
  • Scripture Memory (verses from Foundations family devotional)
  • Memory Work songs: Timeline Song, Presidents Song, States and Capitals Song
  • Geography Map Work: States & Capitals and World (Continents & Oceans)
  • Spanish Vocabulary (linguacious flashcards)
  • ABCs and #s 1-100 (for Zane)
  • Skip counting songs
  • Math Facts flashcards
3 – Read Alouds:
4 – Miscellaneous Loop:

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